Night on the town

Limos in greater Portland, Maine are available for anniversaries, prom dates, weddings, any special occasion that you can think of, even just to stick your head out of the window and scream “I’m in a limo!” We get that one a lot. Limo Services in Maine has some of the classiest and most intimate means of transportation to and from your destination. Cadbury the chauffeur will open the door to your romantic experience. What you do after he closes the door is your business!

Our limo rentals are used by customers looking fun and when they want an atmosphere of bonding, to create memories, and sometimes for those just wanting to recreate scenes from Die Hard. Our limos have premium leather seats, in-car televisions and chilled beverage arrays. It’s a responsible, safe decision to have a limousine night on the town. (Editor’s Note: Not to mention, you also look cool as heck!) (Lawyer’s Note: Looking “cool as heck” is not a guarantee. You might just look “awesome as all get out.”)

We have no hidden fees and keep our prices low without skimping on quality. It’s because of this that our bookings go faster than one of our driver’s mistaking the door lock button for the TURBO button. So get in fast for booking availability. (Lawyer’s Note: Our cars do NOT have TURBO.) (Editor’s Note: Or do we?)

Adventure happens when you bring your friends in a limo. Book ahead now and turn your great night out into one that you will start to tell your grandchildren about one day and then think… “might wait until they are older.”


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by c/1SG Josh Stanclift on Limo Services in Maine
Military salute to Limo Services

Thank you very much Gabriel, we all highly enjoyed using your company and will most definitely recommend you for next years group and use you for any other events in the future. Thank you very much.Very Respectfully,c/1SG Josh StancliftUniversity of Southern Maine"Wildcat" Army ROTC Battalion

I was very hesitant about using a limo

I was unsure on my trip to Maine but now that I'm back home I can honestly say that it was the best idea ever. They work with all night clubs, pool parties and strip clubs and they offer the best value for what you're looking for. I worked with them every step of the way. Peter planned the trip weeks in advance and he continued to keep in contact during my stay in Maine. He got us a free ride and admission to a Portland club (grin grin) on our first night. Everything was already included: 2 huge bottles and the night of my life. If you want to do Maine the right way and have some money to spend, I highly recommend talking to these guys, they will find the best deal for whatever budget you may have, the man even works while on vacation! Thanks again guys, see you soon!

by Rupa Anderson on Limo Services in Maine

We had a fantastic experience with you! I was referred to you by my cousin who used their service on a recent trip to Portland. He only had good things to say, so I gave them a call when I was looking for a limo company to take 9 friends for a reunion.

Peter was great through the whole process. He accommodated all our extra requests. Not to mention, I probably called/emailed them about five times before the trip to ask 50 questions, and he was so nice through it all! All my questions were answered and they assured me that everything would be taken care of on the day of the trip.

On Saturday, our driver (Bascomb, haha) showed up right on time. Communication was fantastic, he gave me a call half an hour before to confirm location and time. When we got in the limo, it was extremely clean and was fully stocked with champagne and water per our requests. In the contract, we specified wheres we wanted to go to so they could map out their route. Throughout the day, "Bascomb"was always in touch and even helped keep us on schedule to ensure we could visit all the wineries we wanted to. One of my friends wasn't feeling well and stayed in the limo, so Hector took the time to find shaded parking so my friend could be comfortable.

Overall-- the service & experience was exceptional. I wouldn't hesitate to use these guys again in the future. Thanks for helping us create some amazing memories!



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    • Prizes are not transferable without express permission.We will not pick you up in a limousine unless you are within 60 minutes from Walker's Point, in which case we will gladly offer a three hour Limousine ride to your destination of choice but absent that, we will only mail the check.