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Limousine Services in Portland Maine.

Limo Services in Maine -Portland

Limo Services in Maine. Limousines live the fantasy.

Limo Services in Maine and is here for all of your needs, special occasions, Van & SUV rentals, luxury hummer and stretch limousines. Need to get a Limo Services in Maine. Limousine driver to pick you up at Portland’s PWM or drop you off at Boston’s Logan airport? Want to enjoy dinner in Portland’s Casco Bay Area with a loved one arriving for a visit? Our Limo Services in Maine will help you get to a corporate meeting in Boston or any New England location that requires a responsive intelligent driver that can carefully respond to your needs, Limo Services in Maine can provide you with a luxury limousine or staff car and professional chauffeur to take you where you want 24 hours a day. A Maine Limousine service is ready and waiting

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Maine Limo Services: Going on a trip and need Maine  Limo Services in the greater Portland area? Whether it be a domestic flight for business through Portland or an exotic overseas holiday that requires Maine limousine services to take you out of state, we can load your luggage and you onto a stretch Hummer with enough room for you to sleep on the way. Portland airport Transfers from Limo Services in Maine will get you to your flight on time. Let us know what your flight number is and we can monitor the flight arrival time and be there when you need us. After you book, just sit back and relax. It’s not just that you can travel in luxury and reduce your stress of driving allowing you to put your emotional feet up.  We can take a party of 5-15 to New York faster than the time it takes to get to the Portland airport, check in, fly, land and get to your ultimate destination, and it is so much more fun. We can arrange all your travel needs wherever you are in the area. Limo Services in Maine has vehicles that include top cars manufacturers such as Hummer and Lincoln. We have years of experience to get you to your destination stress free. Let Limo Services in Maine make your wedding day or special occasion with a wide range of vehicles and a quality service to help you shuttle guests, the bride, the groom so you can relax enjoying your special day with our stretch limousine.

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Limo Services in Maine: Van service Portland

Maine limousine Portland Limo Services in Maine

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Van & SUV Maine Limousine Rental services: With limo services in Maine headquartered in Portland, enjoy your team business trips, your wedding, night on the town to transfer your group effectively. You can save money renting a Van & SUV, we offer spacious and impeccable luxury vehicles.  Wedding Ideas   Bachelor Party Games   Business Recommendation   Where to go in Massachusetts   Visiting New Hampshire – Visit our Facebook page and Social Media Profile and find fun information about your trip, services, restaurant recommendations and best deals around New England charming towns.



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 4 reviews
by Angela Harrison on Limo Services in Maine
Fantastic company!

I chose Limo Services in Maine because it is friendly. It didn't even occur to me that a limo company would have a moral compass and I was beyond thrilled when I heard about them from a friend. They were pleasure to work with. When we were alerted by our wedding coordinator that there was an accident/traffic back-up on our route to the wedding, we were able to call them and get the driver to our pick up location early in order to make the wedding on time. They happened to be super busy that day and yet were able to change the itinerary and get to us early, delivering myself and my bridal party exactly at our originally scheduled time! Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism limo services in Maine! In fact I chant to you... "Limo Services in Maine!" Oh yea baby one more time... "Limo Services in Maine!" It is the best Maine limousine service around.

**Before you begin reading about Limo Services in Maine, please imagine 500 more stars shooting out of the 5 I am permitted to give.**

This past weekend, you Limo Services in Maine provided me with the absolute best customer service I have ever experienced, ever ever. We are on our last day here, and still can not get 10 minutes without someone wistfully saying, That was the FUNNEST night...

When I began my quest for a party-friendly vehicle that would comfortably house 22 bachelorette-going ladies for an evening, I was met with a lot of drama. I did not know about limo services in Maine, and as I called places I got attitude, exorbitant minimums, and plenty of unreturned phone calls made me wonder if we were going to be stuck on The Deuce. (!!) I really wanted the glory of landing the perfect arrangement for the bride-to-be, and with a friend's recommendation, I made my last-attempt call. I called Limo Services in Maine.

It was clear from the moment limo services in Maine answered that they valued my business, took me seriously as a client, and respected each and every request I made. Never once was I placed on hold, or made to feel like an inconvenience; rather, was given our drivers direct cell number to discuss exact specifics and vehicle options. After what I had been through to get to this point, I almost cried with relief!

Over the weeks that followed, He texted me photos of the vehicles he thought would work best, let me change my mind no less than thrice, and generally reassured me that I had made the very best choice. Unbelievable service, just this part. The thoroughness with which he communicated was extraordinary. And so appreciated!

Night-of festivities began with him texting that he would be there exactly at the time we had chosen, which he was- fully stocked with ice and go-cups for our use. He was absolutely adorable, polite, gracious, and PATIENT. We asked him to return to our condos when things were forgotten (pack of 22= unavoidable), make multiple pee stops, and when one of us had to have gas-station sushi, he didn't even flinch at the request to stop ONE MO TIME.

For everything above, and a cute factor of a million (those German cheeks, srsly), we are already trying to coerce other girls into marrying up just so we can come back and hang out with you for a night. Limo Services in Maine, thank you for an unforgettable experience!!

by Mike Kelley on Limo Services in Maine
I am not the kind of guy who goes for the limo ride right off the bat. (Limo Services in Maine review.)

Limo services in maine review: But we were only staying in Maine for a weekend so we didn't really need to rent a car. And after paying about $40 for a ride in a cab that both looked and smelled like a hobo had lived in it for the past month, a taxi was out of the question.

Right from the start I was impressed by this operation. Limo Services in Maine "idiot-proofed" it as much as possible by sending you a confirmation email 24 hours prior to your pickup. I called them because I had screwed up in one place on the online order form, and their phone staff person was extremely friendly and helpful.

Each of our drivers (both to and from the hotel) was extremely courteous and friendly as well. We got the Escalade(?) and it was a very comfortable ride. In both cases I got a phone call when the driver had arrived (they were early both times). A first-rate experience all around. Limo Services in Maine was worth it.

by Somrang N on Limo Services in Maine
Limo services in Maine, I am not going to visit your state again any other way.

Limo Services in Maine gives the Red Carpet treatment of you as a person of value total superstar status I felt like an unknown celebrity.
At our request, the limo services in Maine driver escorted us into the bar, to our table, and was with us until we had our first drink.
Oh my the waitress was totally hot at Foreplay, the security guard or whoever he was made me feel secure, (but I guess it is Maine, right?) the club was jamming, the view was terrific, and I got so drunk I couldn't confirm the time for the limo driver to come get us but they were so flexible and cool my ride back home was not a worry!
The chauffeur was a very professional guy and have set a very high bar. Any other company will be compared but cannot be compared to the experience these people will give.